Know Why SEO is Important For Your Business

Why SEO is important

While most of you have heard that Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO is much necessary and critical digital marketing tool for your business in the long run for various advantages SEO gives.

But do you know why SEO is important for your business and the benefits you reap from it?

SEO helps your business’s website to gain visibility organically. It’s an important technique that is adapted to communicate with the search engines like google Microsoft bing etc. and also to improve relevancy to the end-users search queries.

In this article, we are going to look at why SEO is important for websites and pages, factors that are important.

Why do we need SEO

Why we need SEO

While it’s true there are many methods to generate targeted traffic to your websites like online platforms, paid ads, social media marketing, email marketing methods, the majority of organic traffic is generated by search engines.

Below points prove that why is SEO important

  • Organic search results are targeted, intent-based, appear authentic and credible to the searchers who are shy and reluctant to click on paid advertisements.
  • According to Hubspot, there are approx 63000 searches per second just on google,the average person searches for three to four times in a day.
  • Most of the website traffic comes from organice search i.e 53% approx as compared to paid advertisements of 27% on the SERPS.
  • Search engine optimization is an inbound marketing strategy, most of the traffic is purely inentional and hence CTR is more.
  • With the proper implementation of local seo, the local businesses can get free footfall of customers to their shops, restaurants, service centers etc. as almost one-third of consumers search for local businesses on google on daily basis.
  • Search Engine Optimization is cost effective and most viable way to reach your customers.

As we understood from the above points that why SEO is important for business, now let’s move on

Why SEO is important for your online business success

Why SEO is important for your online business success

1. Organic Search Traffic:

Organic search traffic is one of the major parts of any business website, as the search queries are already intent-based it is easy for the businesses to carry them into the sales funnel based on where the user is in to get more conversions or engagement.

What are Organic Search queries? organic search refers to the search results that are not paid to rank. Instead of the search results being organized by the guidelines of the advertisement like Ad ranking factors, Ad relevancy, CPC, the organic search results are organized by the search engine algorithms.

2. Increases Trust:

When a user searches with a query in a search engine, the results that are displayed on the SERP are organic in nature and not a promotion of your products by placing Ads, it gives an impression that you are not trying to manipulate the searcher’s mind. There are many factors that are involved in building authority and credibility of your website like Optimized content for users, Positive user experience, natural links, and Social bookmarking.

3. Know Your Customer through SEO:

SEO helps us to understand what your product’s consumer is looking for, their intent at the most granular level. With the help of this SEO data, you can optimize your website to such an extent that it directly impacts the user experience.

4. Helps in improving user experience:

Most webmasters concentrate on getting maximum impression and clicks, although these are important but concentrating on the user experience on your site is also equally important. Your website should be well organized and easy for navigation around the website, webpages must not be cluttered with unnecessary things which may confuse the visitors. Clickable buttons and most importantly texts should be readable for the user’s eyes. improving the user experience on the site helps in increased user engagement, content is consumed easily which helps in conversions.

5. Local SEO:

In today’s modern smartphone age it is imperative for the local businesses to be registered for the google my business page. Most people especially in tier1 and tier2 cities search on google for the products or services they are in need, gone are the days where people ask around ‘Hey, do you know where this shop is?’.

Nowadays people just search on google maps or in the search engine. This is why local SEO is important, it means an increase in customers footfall, increased brand awareness leading to mouth marketing too, and if you are also an online business it means increased engagement, hence an increase in conversion rate. These are the main reasons why local SEO is important for small businesses.

Also, read about SEO group-buy tools that are useful to do SEO.

why is seo important in 2021?

Why SEO is important for a company in 2021? In the next 10 years, the global economy is growing at a very fast rate and almost every business is using online marketing or e-commerce to promote their business and increase the bottom line.

So the question becomes what drives your business and how can you take advantage of this ever-growing market. If we look back in the past we can see that most small businesses used offline advertising like posters, pamphlets, etc to increase their customer base. But today it is all about Google and the rest of the search engines.

Today it is important to get your website ranked on the first page of the Google search engine which is not easy at all. So if your website does not make it onto the first page then you hardly get traffic.

But there is an answer and you can see the benefits of getting on to the first page. Today most people use the internet to search for a service or product and Google is the major search engine optimization company. You will find that most new websites are not optimized properly so they never even get onto the first age of Google and that is why most people do not buy from those sites.

What you need to do is to find a company that specializes in search engine optimization and then you need to learn as much as you can about search engine optimization and how you can improve your website

Who needs SEO?

who needs SEO

Here is the list of who needs to do SEO for their organization.

  • Local businesses or startups.
  • Professional service providers like doctors, architects, lawyers etc.
  • Online businesses
  • Real estate companies
  • Companies.
  • Pet shops
  • Restaurants and bars.
  • Saas companies.


In this article, we understood the importance of SEO for businesses whether it is small or big if you are looking for brand awareness, increased engagement, and conversions. We also covered why SEO is needed and who needs SEO.

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